Continued empowerment of Seed companies management team is an important aspect of ensuring food security in Sub-Saharan Africa. it was for this reason that AGRA sponsored twenty participants from twenty different seed companies across Sub-Saharan African countries to attend to SEED BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COURSE at SEMIs. some of the countries where the participants came from included Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Nigeria and Ghana.

Under the able leadership of Prof Agnes Mwang’ombe from faculty of Agriculture and Prof Aosa from the school of Business, the training covered among other area, strategic management, general management skills, ICT Enabled management and marketing systems, operation management, corporate governance, critical thinking, human resource management and financial management.

At the end of the training, participant expectations were met and all the twenty participants graduated in function attended by Dr. George Bigirwa(AGRA), Prof Agnes Mwang’ombe, Prof Kimenchu (dean faculty of Agriculture) among others.

Ambassador Dr. Jaiyeola . J.Lewu of Evergreen International LTD Nigeria( right) receives his certificate from Dr. Jane Ininda of AGRA and Professor Agnes Mwang’ombe of SEMIs during the the certificate award ceremony at Southern Sun Hotel, Nairobi on the 11th Mar 2017. Looking on from the left is Prof Florence Olubayo

Mr. Bruno Bakasambe of Kinoni Seed Limited, Uganda(right) receives his certificate from Prof Agnes Mwang’ombe during the award Ceremony

Mr. Abdulsalam Lamido Managing Director of Tirendin Seeds Ltd. Nigeria receives a certificate from Prof Agnes Mwang’ombe during the award ceremony

Hassan Rajab Kinemo, Zone Manager at Meru Agro Tanzania receives a certificate during the Award ceremony

Eugenia Oduro(right), Finance officer at Legacy Crop Improvement Center, Ghana receives a certificate from Prof Agnes Mwang’ombe (left). At the Center is Prof Florence Olubayo